BB&T Retirement Launches Rollover Platform

A new rollover platform from BB&T Retirement features expanded participant servicing capabilities and features.

BB&T Retirement and Institutional Services launched a new rollover servicing platform to expand distribution and rollover services for retirement plan participants.

The integrated platform, dubbed Rollover Central, provides participants with educational content and seamless distribution and rollover services at the plan level. Participants can explore rollover solutions and work with experienced BB&T investment advisers, who will help them make selections based on their unique profiles and investment needs.

“We support our plan sponsors’ goals to provide better retirement outcomes for their employees,” says Ray McCulloch, manager of BB&T Retirement and Institutional Services. “As Baby Boomers retire and people change jobs more frequently, participants need better guidance on managing their retirement savings and goals. This new platform meets that need by providing helpful advice, a simple rollover experience and life-stage financial services for plan participants.”

The new Rollover Central is integrated within BB&T’s recordkeeping system and offers a “diverse array of solutions to facilitate individual retirement account (IRA) openings,” according to McCulloch, “eliminating much of the confusion and complexity of processing a rollover for job changers and retirees.”

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