Bill Would Ban Lobbyists from NJ State Pension Plan

February 16, 2010 ( – Lobbyists would be barred from eligibility for a state pension under a new proposed bill by a New Jersey lawmaker.

The Associated Press reported that the proposal from state Assemblyman Paul Moriarty would reverse an earlier move by the state legislature to grant pensions and health coverage to lobbyists from the League of Municipalities, School Boards Association, the Association of Counties and others.

Taxpayers are paying $1.3 million a year to 62 nongovernment retirees in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

Moriarty’s bill would keep newly hired nongovernment workers from enrolling in the pension system and would cut off those who have fewer than five years of service credit.

The pension system is underfunded by about $34 billion, according to the AP report.