BNY ConvergEx Puts Out Options Algorithms Suite

December 18, 2007 ( - BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC, a provider of global agency brokerage and investment technology, has released a suite of options algorithms available through its DerivatEx options execution management system.

A news release said the new ConvergEx options algorithmic suite, powered by LiquidPoint technology, will help clients manage their trading volumes and find liquidity across all exchanges, with modified release-point sequencing and in line with user-specified risk tolerance. 

The company said that when combined with the market sweep capabilities already included in the LiquidPoint offering, the algorithms will address the complex nuances within the electronic options trading landscape and enable options traders to improve performance, limit market impact, and manage an array of options trading strategies. 

The ConvergEx options algorithmic suite can be accessed both directly through the DerivatEx platform as well as through major third party OMS and EMS platforms.

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