BNY Mellon Introduces Sec Lending Dashboard Enhancements

April 15, 2010 ( - BNY Mellon Asset Servicing has introduced new dashboard style reporting functionality to assist asset owners and asset managers in gaining greater visibility into their securities lending portfolio.

The new reports provide both detailed and executive summary level information on earnings, loan values, credit quality, and other account activity designed to help decision-makers evaluate performance and potential exposures across their sec lending positions. The new lending dashboard is available to clients through BNY Mellon’s Workbench reporting platform.

According to a press release, it offers Web-based access to comprehensive and customizable data, including:

  • Month-to-Date Lending Revenue Analysis – provides monthly earnings by security, including average market value available, market value on loan, utilization percentage, total and client spreads, and client earnings;
  • Executive Reinvestment Portfolio Summary – details fund characteristics, floating rate index information, credit quality, asset class distribution, maturity schedule, top 10 issuers, daily rating changes, and exposure by industry; and
  • Executive Lending Summary – designed for executive management and presented in graphical format, shows lending utilization by security and top five borrowers by security type. Also provides daily average returns, volumes and collateral percentages by loan type; earnings by asset class; cash versus non-cash collateral held by loan type; and top 10 earnings by security.

More information is at