BONUS SURVEY SAYS: What Resolution Would You Make for Someone Else?

December 30, 2010 ( - We all know how hard it can be to make, much less keep, those New Year’s resolutions. 


But – for this week’s bonus survey question, I asked readers  – it they COULD make a New Year’s resolution for someone ELSE – what would it be? 

Here they are: 

“What: Enhance business mind with the focus of profit/lost perspective.  Who: Family member”

You’re far too impatient to be tolerant, yet, far too tolerant of your impatience. One of ’em’s gotta give, bro.

Congress …. resolve to let a little dust settle on the regs passed so far. (We don’t need any new ones.)

I once heard you can tell that a guy is on the level when his bubble’s in the middle — so I’d like to make a resolution for my husband to decrease the size of that indicator!

Please start from a positive place before focusing on everything that won’t work.  It’s exhausting.

Stop micro-managing. Definitely talking about my boss.

I’d like my wife to practice saying “yes” more often.

For all the bureaucrats, stop spending my money!

My son announced that he was going to get married. I like his girl friend but they do not have any financial stability. I would like for them to put off marriage until my son has a solid job (with benefits) and she has relocated to our town and has gotten a job of her own.

For our legislators…enact legislation that is most beneficial to the greatest number of Americans and read the bills so you know what you are voting for before it’s too late.

Loose weight – for my husband

I would have my supervisor smile more.  Life is too short to be in a bad mood all of the time. 

My resolution would be for Dr. Ehrentreich and all of the other MVL advocates to realize that MVL IS THE REASON private corporation DB plans have gone "the way of the Dodo", not traditional expected rates of return-based discount rates. Really, the historical proof is not old enough for Dr. Ehrentreich and the MVL-advocates to have forgotten already, is it? Or do they just choose to ignore it? Either way, my resolution is for them to wake up and smell the toast.

for pedestrians to be more mindful of motorist when crossing streets against the walk light

Obama and his administration .... I resolve for them to stop spending our money and apply some good old fashioned budgeting techniques to how they run the government.  Maybe some common sense.

For my boss - Be more compassionate.

I'd LOVE to make a New Year's Resolution for my brother-in-law:  Get a job, save some money and move out of my brother and sister-in-law's house!

"For all elected officials: Stop pandering, recognize that ideology is not the truth, but your belief, and start legislating/governing in the best interests of your constituents - not your party."

A resolution to delegate more, solicit input from staff and share pertinent information.  My boss.

I would make a resolution for our illustrious president and/or congress to quit spending money like water and make some decent decisions for a change.


Ah, if only all dreams came true.  I'd like my co-workers to be more active thinkers - all the time, not just for special occasions....

for my husband... to take more initiative and be more organized.

If my spouse were to maybe, you know, consider losing a few pounds - ok, maybe more than just a few - I wouldn't be against it...

I'd make one for my husband - for him to quit smoking once and for all!! 

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said “Hey Nevin - It's the end of the year.  My tired brain can't think of anything clever.”

 Well – other than THAT, of course!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey – and all our surveys throughout the year!