BoNY Offers New Transition Management Investment Solution

September 25, 2006 ( - The Bank of New York's (BoNY) Global Transition Management business has announced an asset management solution to help clients maximize the short-term investment potential of funds during a shift in asset allocation or portfolio strategy.

According to the announcement, the new solution provides clients with an array of passively managed collective trust funds, including nine equity funds based on Russell indexes and one fixed income fund based on the Lehman Aggregate Bond Index. The funds are managed by BoNY Asset Management and offer clients low-cost investment options.

The new investment solution is in addition to BoNY Global Transition Management’s existing tools, which include pre-trade portfolio analytics that provide clients with risk measurement and help them customize their asset transfer strategy, the announcement said. Tools also include an overlay capability, enabling clients to hedge risks using futures and exchange traded funds, and a post-trade analysis of the costs and success of the transition.

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