Boomer Women Are not Like Their Parents

May 20, 2010 ( – A survey by a Web site aimed at women over 50 years old said those in that demographic are far from ready to move into a nursing home.

The survey for the Web site found Baby Boomer women are not at all ready to shift away from single-family home ownership, but are thinking instead about where to live and what activities to take up in their later years.  Approximately one-third of Boomer women respondents reported that they are planning to remain in their current home over the next ten years with a similar number planning to move and the remaining not sure of their plans.

Of those who plan to move, 30% want to try out a new city/region, another 30% want to find a house and/or yard which is easier to maintain and 17% want to be closer to family. Only 8% plan to move for health-related reasons.

“While Boomers are often confused in the marketplace with their aging parents, we know that Vibrant Women are still active in the mainstream part of their lives,” said Stephen Reily, Founder and CEO of, in a news release. “When they do move, they are likely to explore options interesting and stimulating locations that are walking distance to amenities such as cultural activities, restaurants, and parks.”

Survey results came from approximately 500 women aged 50 to 70 who are members, e-newsletter subscribers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers.

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