Britons Set Aside Time For 'Slacker Day'

August 21, 2003 ( - Homer Simpson, Dagwood Bumstead and Andy Capp might all be fictitious characters, but if they had it their way, Friday would be spent napping with the best of them celebrating "Slacker Day" in Great Britain.

Now in its third year, Slacker Day urges British employees to take a day, kick their feet up and appreciate a day full of nothing. In fact, to maximize the effort this year, the day of slackers was lined up to coincide nicely with a long bank holiday on the flip side of the weekend, according to a Reuters report.

Commencing promptly at the beginning of the work day Friday, workers and managers alike are pressed to take a little longer at the water cooler, a few more trips to coffee maker and maybe even a tea time, or two…or three. “How can you possibly comprehend the value of your own hectic endeavor if you don’t occasionally put your feet up and experience a state of complete calm,” said actor and Slacker Day supporter Simon Pegg, star of the British comedy series “Spaced.”

In fact, organizers of the event are also appealing to the lazy leg of business, asking companies to set up a disciplinary agenda for all those no-do-gooders that insist on working on Friday. This was all in a call on people to “stand up for your right to sit back down again” as a reminder that life does not revolve around the office.

For those of us across the pond that are expecting a full day of e-mails, meetings and TPS reports, don’t despair. A digital oasis of relaxation is available at .