Buck Introduces Total Rewards Information and Planning Tool

May 24, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Buck Consultants has announced the launch of Total Rewards Insight, a communication tool that not only presents compensation and reward data to employees, but aids employees, human resources personnel, and directors in compensation planning.

In its announcement, Buck said recruits, employees, managers, human resources departments and boards of directors can view and use data, modeling tools and reports that are relevant to them. Total Rewards InSight presents only authorized information to each user.

The tool provides employees with data for all of their benefits and compensation programs, including details about their accumulated wealth from employer-sponsored incentive, retirement and equity plans, according to the announcement. Decision support tools and financial modelers allow employees to take on more responsibility for their health care planning and management.

Supervisors and managers can use Total Rewards InSight to view compensation data on all direct reports and to plan merit and bonus allocations using the tool’s compensation modeling capabilities. The solution can be integrated with an organization’s planning and performance management systems.

In addition, human resources departments can access information on plan participation, cost and benchmarking data for all internally administered and outsourced programs. The tool’s document management capabilities help human resources representatives track government filings, material required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and plan documents.

Compensation committee members can ensure their executive compensation packages are competitive by viewing how their officers’ packages compare to industry norms.

More information is available at  www.buckconsultants.com .