Business Health Group Puts Out New Buying Guide

November 22, 2006 ( - A national health research group has released a new guide designed to help employers improve the health of their employees and their families and potentially reduce their health care costs.

A Purchaser’s Guide to Clinical Preventive Services Moving Science into Coverage,” released by the National Business Group on Health, contains the scientific evidence, recommended guidance, and detailed benefit language employers need to implement a comprehensive and structured clinical preventive services program within their medical benefit plan, according to a news release.

It provides information on 46 clinical preventive services proven to be effective in preventing illness and premature death including health screenings, counseling, immunization, preventive medication, and preventive treatment for various illnesses such as colorectal cancer, depression, hypertension, obesity, and tuberculosis.

The guide also provides employers with resource information and tips on how to promote the delivery and use of clinical and community-based preventive services, according to the news release.

To be included in the Purchaser’s Guide, clinical preventive services recommendations were required to: be either evidence-based or recommended guidance, address a serious health threat in terms of illness, death, or quality of life, including risk of disability, or address a condition that results in substantial direct or indirect costs (e.g., absenteeism, lost productivity) for payers.

The National Business Group on Health represents 250 mostly large employers.The guide is here .