Buy Gas for Work Commute or Eat Out?

July 16, 2008 ( - Nearly half of those commuting to the office say they have had to sacrifice something else in their lives to afford the gas needed for their commute, according to a recent survey.

The June 2008 poll of more than 8,700 workers found that 47% of those who commute to work had to take such steps to cope with the spiraling gasoline prices.

The commuters say they:

  • Ate out less – 35%
  • Spent less money on entertainment – 31%
  • Bought less expensive groceries – 27%
  • Cut back on shopping for clothes – 24%
  • Did not go on vacation – 21%
  • Eliminated cable, magazine subscriptions, etc. – 11%
  • Did not attend a function where they would be expected to bring a gift – 9%
  • Cut back on their child’s extracurricular activities – 4%

With the cost of gas today, six in 10 workers said they would be willing to drive up to 20 miles to the office. Twenty-nine percent would only drive up to 10 miles, while 10% would only drive up to five miles.

“Today’s workers have had to modify personal budgets, spending choices, and commuting habits to manage the adverse effects today’s gas prices have had on their pocketbooks,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at, in a press release. “One-in-ten workers said they would take a pay cut for a job with a shorter commute.”