Calif. Judge Calls $61M FedEx Discrimination Verdict "Excessive"

September 14, 2006 ( - A California superior court judge chopped the $61-million verdict handed down in June against shipping company Federal Express in a discrimination suit to $12.4 million, calling the initial award "excessive."

According to the Recorder, Alameda County Judge Stephen Dombrink said that the evidence failed to support the initial verdict in the case, in which a company manager was accused of racial discrimination and harassment by two Lebanese-American drivers.

Dombrink called the harassment “mostly just offensive name-calling,” according to the newspaper.

The Recorder reported that the plaintiffs’ attorney said he was still reviewing the decision and had not yet decided on whether he would request a new trial.

In addition to reducing the award against the shipping company, Dombrink slashed the damages against Federal Express manager Stacy Shoun from $1 million to $400,000, an amount her attorney intends to have reduced even further upon appeal, the Recorder reported.