California Hooters Workers File Wage and Hour Suit

March 19, 2010 ( – Five current and former employees of various Hooters in California have filed a lawsuit claiming they were forced to share tips and pay for their uniforms.

The suit, which seeks to represent a proposed class of workers in five Central Valley franchises, alleges that the Hooters servers were required to pool their tips for sharing with senior manager, owners, and other employees such as kitchen supervisors, dishwashers, chefs or cooks. The complaint also says cash shortages and customer walkouts were deducted from the girls’ salaries.      

The employees also allege that Hooters failed to reimburse them for business expenses such as obtaining or maintaining the required uniforms. The suit lists 11 claims, including that Hooters failed to provide meal and rest breaks as required under California law.      

The suit seeks damages and disgorgement of all profits the defendants received in relation to the violations of labor code alleged.      

A copy of the complaint is here.