CalPERS Increases Transparency

March 12, 2012 ( - The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) on Monday began a live webcast of its monthly meetings via the fund’s website at

CalPERS also posted more than 2,000 actuarial reports on its website that provide a snapshot of the cost of pensions for public employees for its contracting cities, counties and local public agencies. In addition, CalPERS released for the first time a monthly report of all public record requests received by the system.  

“These actions are yet another step toward our commitment to transparency and accountability to our members, employers, stakeholders and the general public,” said Rob Feckner, president of the CalPERS Board of Administration.  

CalPERS actuarial reports for its contracting employers are released annually in the fall and provide pension costs as a percentage of payroll that local governments will pay in the following fiscal year for their miscellaneous and safety public employee classifications. The reports also outline projected future pension costs, funded status of the employer’s plan, unfunded liabilities and funding history. Beginning next year, an estimated cost to terminate an employer’s plan with CalPERS will be included.  


 Public records completed and sent by CalPERS will be summarized in a monthly report on CalPERS' website and will list the name of the requester, affiliation and a general description of the material requested.  

“We are committed to be an honest broker of information, especially as we discuss the future of pensions in our state,” said Anne Stausboll, CEO for CalPERS. “We hope these steps provide greater access into our business of pensions, health care and investments.”  

CalPERS live meeting coverage is closed-captioned. Recordings and transcripts will be archived and available on its website.