Canadian Financial Firm Launches Socially Responsible Investments

January 22, 2009 ( - Desjardins Group, a cooperative financial group in Canada, has created the SocieTerra socially responsible investment portfolios.

The company claims the portfolios are the first socially responsible funds structured to meet the specific needs of various investor profiles. The SocieTerra portfolios were developed in partnership with The Ethical Funds Company.

The new portfolios, which comprise the Desjardins Environment Fund and eight Ethical Funds, are:

  • SocieTerra Secure Market;
  • SocieTerra Balanced;
  • SocieTerra Growth; and
  • SocieTerra Growth Plus.

The funds have no front-end load fees and are now available to Desjardins members and their clients through the Desjardins’ caisse/branch network across Quebec and Ontario.

More information can be found at .