Cardin: Still in Pension Reform Fight

March 18, 2005 ( - US Representative Benjamin Cardin (D-Maryland) may have lost his frequent partner in pension and benefit reform efforts, but that doesn't mean he is giving up the fight.

That was Cardin’s message in a short statement released Friday about the decision by President Bush to appoint US Representative Rob Portman (R-Ohio) as the nation’s new US Trade Representative.

Portman and Cardin have been frequent allies in recent years in introducing a variety of retirement and benefits legislation in the House and are both looked upon as influential activists on the issue.

“Obviously, the appointment of Rep. Rob Portman by President Bush as the new US Trade Representative is a real loss for Congress in furthering bipartisan pension legislation,” Cardin said in the statement. “Both Rep. Portman and I were committed to introducing a new pension bill in the 109th Congress. Rep. Portman I have agreed on the major provisions that should be included in a new bill. I remain committed to introducing legislation in this Congress, and I will be seeking support from both my Democratic and Republican colleagues in this effort.”