CEOs Creative but Messy

April 13, 2007 ( - Creativity, which includes innovativeness and risk-taking, is the single work style behavior that most distinguishes today's presidents and chief executive officers, according to a study by a human resources consultant.

A news release from the Cleveland, Ohio-based PsyMax Solutions said its analysis of the behavioral profiles of more than 240 presidents, CEOs, and chief operating officers found that CEOs also tend to score well above average in their ability to advocate and sell ideas.

They also do well in being tough-minded – their resilience in the face of criticism, the company said.

But heads of organizations also have a surprising weakness, according to PsyMax: CEOs are a mess when it comes to organization. However, senior executives below C-level often have work styles that complement the CEO’s styles. The wise CEO would be sure to be surrounded by people with such essential work style behaviors and skills, according to the news release.

Work style assessment instruments are increasingly being used by organizations to make more informed hiring decisions and reduce employee turnover, the company asserted in the announcement.

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