CEOs Show High Creativity

March 8, 2006 ( - What differentiates people qualified to be chief executives is a high degree of creativity, which includes being innovative and willing to accept risks, a new study asserted.

A news release from HR consultant PsyMax Solutions said presidents and CEOs tend to be good sales people of their own ideas.

“CEOs diverge from ‘normal’ successful executives in various ways, creativity being the most important,” said Wayne Nemeroff, PsyMax Solutions CEO. “CEOs also tend to score well above average in their ability to advocate and sell ideas and in tough-mindedness, their resilience in the face of criticism.”

But don’t be surprised if the top managers also have a workspace that looks like an unmade bed. “Company heads are decidedly less organized than their subordinates,” Nemeroff claimed. “While CEOs may excel at addressing issues in an innovative, resourceful and imaginative way, they probably need a lot of support from others on their team to execute what needs to be done.”

Nemeroff said more corporate recruiters are using work style assessment instruments to make more informed hiring decisions and reduce employee turnover.

The firm analyzed the behavioral profiles of more than 240 presidents, CEOs and chief operating officers from its database of work style profiles of 11,000 executives, managers and staff-level employees. For more information call 440-603-9000 or visit .