Ceridian Service Helps Workers Bust Job Stress

April 18, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.COM) - Want happy, healthy and more productive employees? Work proactively to reduce workplace stress.

That was the result of a new survey of its customers for a stress reduction service done by Ceridian LifeWorks, according to a Ceridian news release.

The Ceridian LifeWorks-Leade Health Stress Management program addresses stress related to the workplace in four areas: job-related stress, work relationships, work changes and time management issues, according to the news release.

The program uses a “little-at-a-time” approach where employees get help to manage issues that may seem less overwhelming by tackling them one step at a time, rather than trying to fix everything at once, the company said.

Participants work one-on-one with a personal health coach to become more aware of their stress and how it affects their job. The health coach also helps participants understand what causes their workplace stress, and educates them on coping skills that impact their response to stress, the news release said. Most importantly, individuals learn how to take better care of themselves and how to deal more effectively with people and situations at work.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed at 20 different organizations using the program in the past year, according to the announcement, 52% lowered their stress levels at work; 40% said they improved their ability to cope with stress; and more than 70% said they had less fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stomach aches and also had improved appetites.

“Improvements in any one of these areas can address key factors such as employee engagement, absenteeism and presenteeism,” said Ceridian LifeWorks senior vice president Zachary Meyer, in the news release. “Studies have shown that the annual cost of lost productivity related to stress and job dissatisfaction can be as high at $2,500 per employee. Clearly if it is not addressed, the cost to employers is very significant.”