CIGNA Finds Employee Absence Lowered by Integrated Program

February 23, 2011 ( – An analysis of experiences by customers of CIGNA’s Disability & HealthCare Connect suggests combined medical and disability programs can lower employee absence.

CIGNA’s study found that individuals using CIGNA’s integrated program were absent 20% less than those who had disability coverage alone. If each day of disability costs an employer $159 in direct and indirect costs, a company with 5,000 employees covered with CIGNA medical and disability programs could expect 2,500 fewer days of disability, representing nearly $397,500 in direct cost and productivity savings, the company contends.  

According to a press release, among individuals with an integrated program who do require short-term disability leave, CIGNA’s analysis shows customers required on average 13 fewer days of disability time than those individuals who did not have access to an integrated program. They also experienced an 11% better return-to-work rate than those without the integrated plan.  

“Reining in costs associated with employee absence is an imperative for employers,” said Mark Marsters, senior vice president, Group Operations for CIGNA, in the announcement.  “CIGNA’s integrated disability and medical programs provide more opportunities to encourage and engage employees to improve their health and reduce disability absence, which benefits the employees as well as their employers.”  

CIGNA’s Disability & Healthcare Connect also integrates with CIGNA’s chronic care program. Customers with specific chronic conditions are provided education and coaching support to help them improve their medical condition.  

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