CIGNA Launches Dental HMO Product Suite

June 7, 2011 ( - CIGNA has created nine new Dental HMO plans designed specifically for government sector employers and Taft-Hartley labor unions, which are available for January 1, 2012, enrollment. 

According to a press release, the new plans combine consumer-friendly features and flexibility, including 360 procedures, low and zero co-pay levels, alternative benefits, office visit fee options and more covered procedures. They also offer features found in standard CIGNA Dental HMO plan designs, such as access to the 24/7 Dental Information Line as well as the CIGNA Dental Oral Health Integration Program and Healthy Rewards programs. CIGNA reports that its dental network includes 15,905 unique dentists, which translates to approximately 53,935 dentist locations.  

“CIGNA has served public sector and Taft-Hartley clients for more than 60 years,” said Bebe Shuler-Mure, assistant vice president of product for CIGNA’s dental products, in the announcement. “Based on decades of experience, we incorporated into this new Dental HMO series all of CIGNA’s customer-friendly features, increased flexibility and options that complement a broad national network of dentists.”  


-Sara Kelly