CIGNA Releases Retirement Goal Funds

March 5, 2003 ( - CIGNA Retirement & Investment Services has introduced the five new funds designed to evolve as retirement approaches.

The Retirement Goal Funds are targeted with specific retirement dates investors can chose depending on their individual circumstances: 

  • Retirement Goal Fund 2010
  • Retirement Goal Fund 2020
  • Retirement Goal Fund 2030
  • Retirement Goal Fund 2040
  • Retirement Goal Income Fund

The new fund offerings are each comprised of underlying equity and fixed-income investment options, with allocation across those options that change based on the target retirement year of the fund.   This means that theasset composition of the funds will be altered without the need for action onthepart of investors, from a more aggressive investment strategy in theearlyyears to a more conservative approach as retirement approaches.    The Retirement Goal Income Fund is slightly different, with a more conservative portfolio designed for those close to, or already in, retirement.

Supporting the new funds is CIGNA’s education and communication programs, which offerretirement planning information and guidance, eitheron-line, over-the-phone or in-person,tailored to each investor’s stage in life and individual financial needs.   These programs are designed to help investors identify the right fund to meet their personal financial needs and encourage individuals to make the most of their workplace benefits.