CIGNA Unveils ExPat Health System

February 4, 2002 ( - Employees on extended overseas assignments soon will be able to take advantage of a healthcare computer system that provides access to a worldwide network of doctors and healthcare professionals, CIGNA announced.

The new service expands the reach of CIGNA’s International Expatriate Benefits organization, established in 1977, to nearly 5,500 physicians and hospital facilities outside the US, CIGNA said. Global medical management provider International SOS is also involved in the project.
Cigna said the CIGNA/International SOS system will provide expatriates with:

  • use of a global SOS Provider Network of hospitals,
  • online and multi-lingual telephone access to full-time staff physicians around the world to identify appropriate medical experts and treatment centers,
  • direct payment arrangements and preferred pricing arrangements that SOS has with providers worldwide, and
  • access to country briefings including general and cultural information, both pre-assignment and during the assignment

The full online service will be rolled out over the course of 2002.