Cinergy Connects Employees With Free PC Benefit

March 27, 2001 ( - Cinergy will offer its 7,500 employees a home PC with subsidized Internet access, the latest in a growing number of employers to extend the benefit.

The program will connect employees with the ability to update benefits and manage 401(k) accounts online, as well as being able to access their work email from home.

Delta Airlines, the New York Times, American Airlines, Ford and GM are just a few of the employers that have embraced the PC-benefit approach over the past several months.
Cinergy will subsidize the program so that employees pay a $7 monthly co-pay over a three-year term for PeoplePC’s basic offer.

The basic bundle includes:

  • one of Hewlett-Packard’s latest desktop models
  • unlimited Internet access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • a three-year warranty
  • membership in a “unique” online community.

Employees will have the option to purchase higher-end desktops and laptops, if desired.  Those who already own PCs will still benefit from subsidized access to PeoplePC’s ISP (Internet service provider) service for three years.

Planning for the program is underway and a June rollout is expected.