CitiStreet Expands Rollover Advice Options

April 23, 2001 ( - Participants looking for direction with their rollover can now tap into Financial Engines advice via CitiStreet's Advisor Account service.

The service will assist customers in developing a rollover IRA strategy following distribution from a qualified plan, as well as advice and monitoring of their portfolios as they plan for retirement.

Customers choosing to open a CitiStreet Advisor Account will be offered a free Financial Engines Forecast on the phone through a CitiStreet financial advisor.

Financial Engines will then also generate specific investment recommendations based on the universe of mutual funds in the CitiStreet Advisor Account.  After that session, customers can implement investment recommendations online or on the phone through a CitiStreet financial advisor.

Online Options

CitiStreet’s Advisor Account is a participant-directed online brokerage account offered through an alliance between CitiStreet and CSFBdirect, which participant investors can use to tap into an array of investment options including:

  • stocks
  • bonds
  • CDs (certificates of deposit)
  • and more than 9,000 mutual funds

CitiStreet also offers a full-service, one-on-one brokerage service to retirement plan participants in conjunction with Salomon Smith Barney.

Though that service, Salomon Smith Barney financial consultants, trained in retirement and estate planning, work directly with plan participants to help plan and execute their retirement programs, including rollovers.