CitiStreet Releases E-Curriculum Education Tool

November 23, 2004 ( - CitiStreet has announced the release of a new option on its My Resource Center which will facilitate the creation of a personal financial e-curriculum that will allow participants to view pertinent information on retirement issues, investing and personal finance.

Participants must fill out a questionnaire regarding their level of financial knowledge and areas of interest, which will allow a computer search of 150 retirement, investing, and personal finance articles in print, video and audio presentations to be commenced. My Resource Center also provides regular Market Outlook, as well as numerous articles in Spanish, according to a company press release.

Participants can also opt to select their own curriculum by choosing which area – Retirement, Investing, or Personal Finance – they wish to learn about. Both the personally chosen curriculum and the computer generated one can be repeatedly viewed through the personal archive feature.

Massachusetts-based CitiStreet ( ) serves more than nine million participants and has more than $200 billion in asset.