Civil Unions Pass Senate Muster in NH

April 26, 2007 ( - A measure allowing same-sex unions cleared the New Hampshire Senate on Thursday, potentially making the state the fourth to allow such unions, the Associated Press reported.

The bill passed in the Senate with a 14-10 vote and will go next to Governor John Lynch, who already said last week he would support the bill.

New Hampshire will join New Jersey, Connecticut and neighboring Vermont in offering civil unions beginning January 1, if Lynch signs the New Hampshire bill.

Only Massachusetts has legalized marriage for same-sex couples, with the Legislature there also acting under pressure from the state’s highest court (See  Massachusetts Court Says Gays Entitled to Marry ). Vermont (See Vermont Lawmakers Attempt to Extend Civil Union Definition ) Connecticut (See  CT Civil Union Bill Could Affect Employer State Tax Computations ) and New Jersey (See Garden State Lawmakers Pass Civil Unions Bill)offer civil unions.