"Close" Encounters in the Workplace

November 29, 2002 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - You might want to keep an eye on the mistletoe at the office Christmas party this year, according to a new online survey on office "encounters."

While roughly half of male respondents to the online Playboy magazine poll said they had slept with co-workers, two-thirds of female respondents said they had engaged in that activity.   More than 80% of the 10,000 respondents to the poll admitted flirting with co-workers.

Roughly half (46%) of female respondents claimed to have slept with their bosses, compared with just 18% of men – a disparity Playboy attributed to the prevalence of male bosses.  

Intern-al Affairs

Meanwhile, in a statistic sure to claim a headline or two, one in five female respondents said they had been intimate with an intern, compared with just 12% of male respondents.

And that level of intimacy apparently wasn’t limited to offsite “encounters.”   Female respondents displayed a preference for desks, while men opted for the more traditional couch, or even a chair.   Least popular locale for respondents of both genders was the mailroom or copy room.

The boss’ office also ranked relatively low – but you might want to knock first.

The full results will be published in the January issue of Playboy.