College Grads Shun Large Corporations

February 24, 2006 ( - Seventy percent of respondents to a recent poll said they would prefer working for a medium- to small-sized company.

The other 30% said they would prefer working for a large international company, according to a press release on the survey.

In their job search, students and recent college graduates no longer consider employer name recognition as their primary criterion. College graduate job seekers are most interested in companies that will invest in them and provide growth opportunities, the release said.

The results of the online poll reveal that college graduates want a more personal work experience. They want opportunities to have a positive impact on their company, and to see the results.

Instead of only chasing the giant paycheck, graduates are now opting for jobs with growing companies that can offer competitive benefits and a balanced work life. Small and mid-size companies offer a strong work-life balance, flextime, volunteer incentive programs and other unique benefits that attract college graduates.

The results of the survey were from nearly 500 respondents.