Colorado Bill Would Publish List of Employers Who Don't Provide Health Insurance

April 13, 2005 ( - A bill introduced in the Colorado Legislature would allow the state to publish a list of employers that provide little or no health insurance to their employees.

Under the proposal – H.B. 1245 – the state would reveal how much any uncompensated care provided to employed individuals is costing the state’s Medicaid program. However, it would not bill employers for uncompensated care, a move that is being considered in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts bill – the “Free Rider Surcharge” bill, introduced last Thursday by Senate President Robert Travaglini – would also charge individuals who choose to be uninsured, but who can afford to purchase their own coverage, for uncompensated care they receive on the state’s tab.

The Bay State has also considered other methods of inducing health care payments from employers, going as far as to introduce a bill that would require employers to provide insurance to workers (See MA Lawmaker Puts Forward Mandatory Employer Health Coverage Bill ).