Colorado Company Accused of Sex Discrimination

September 15, 2006 ( - The head of the Colorado Civil Rights Division said that an employer who fired an employee when he announced he wanted to have a sex-change surgery violated state anti-discrimination law.

According to the Associated Press, Danielle Cornwell – formally known as David Michael Cornwell – filed a complaint in April with the division, claiming that he was fired in 2005 because he had told his employer he planned to have a sex-change surgery.

While working at Intermountain Testing Co., a company that tests materials for the construction and manufacturing industry, he became aware that he was a transgender female, and began assuming a feminine appearance and telling his employer he would change his name and dress in women’s clothing, according to the AP.

The company claims Cornwell was fired because business was slowing and his performance had dropped.

“Given this, it appears that the (company’s) decision to discharge (Cornwell) was based on her gender,” wrote Wendell Pryor, the director of the Civil Rights Division, according to the AP.