Commuting Safety Important for Job Hunters

February 19, 2002 ( - Having a secure commute to work is an important factor for almost three-quarters of job seekers, a survey finds.

The latest in a series of surveys by The New York Times Job Market found that 74% of those looking for jobs valued a secure trip to work the highest.

In addition to security,

  • almost 70% mentioned the length of the commute as an important factor in their job searches,
  • close to 60% pointed to cost factors,
  • while 56% gave the stress of the commute careful consideration

In addition, the survey found that:

  • some 86% of job seekers would consider a longer commute – an average of 15 minutes more each way – if they received a higher salary,
  • slightly less would do it for better growth opportunities,
  • flexible scheduling, might persuade 82%,
  • almost 80% would consider a longer commute if the new job promised better or more comprehensive benefits coverage, and
  • some 72% would do it for more vacation time

In the New York metropolitan area, 56% of job seekers expect to commute to their next jobs by car, 26% expect to use the subway, 11% anticipate using the bus or train, and 8% plan to walk.

The New York Times Job Market, the Times’ recruitment services unit, periodically surveys New York area employers and job seekers.