Concierge Service Features Hairdos to Shoe Repair

April 16, 2003 ( - Benefits administrators looking for ways to help ease the burdens on stressed out employees might want to consider bringing in a California company to help workers with "everyday errands."

dock3, Inc.’s concierge service provides a variety of everyday services like dry cleaning and auto oil changes via both a Web site and a staffed kiosk at the workplace. According to a news release, the company can customize its offered services from a list that includes:

  • auto care: oil changes, car washes, tire rotation, detailing
  • clothing care: dry cleaning, shoe repair
  • food center: frozen dinners, holiday pies
  • movie center: DVD rentals and sales
  • personal care: hair and nail salon, massage services
  • photo center: film processing, digital photo printing
  • shipping center: shipping and receiving packages
  • tickets center: sports, skiing & amusement park tickets, ticket exchange

According to the company, employees can reserve a service at any time – from home or work – and drop off their car keys, clothes or film at the kiosk, which is in a central location. An email message lets them know when services are complete, and employees pick up their packages on their way out to their cars. Automated online billing eliminates cash transactions.

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