Consulting Consultant Winds Down Operations

February 18, 2003 ( - Effective immediately, Cooper Consultants is closing its doors to new clients, according to Jennifer Cooper, principal and founder of the firm.

Cooper Consultants, which monitors and evaluates investment consultants for tax-exempt institutional investors, will begin winding down its consultant research effort over the next several months. The firm’s consultants will continue to serve their clients through the end of each project assignment, according to the firm.

Guarding the Guards

The firm focused on helping pension funds choose and manage their consulting relationships. Cooper founded the firm in 1996, after a four-year stint as executive director of the Houston Fireman’s Relief and Retirement Fund (see “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” ).

The firm is considering how best to disseminate the company’s intellectual property, including its tools, processes, and databases. Consideration is being given to offering those tools and methods to tax-exempt organizations that directly serve the public pension fund community, according to a press release.

“It makes sense to all of us at Cooper Consultants to freely distribute our tools to those in the industry who want to continue using them. We have always sought to empower our clients rather than make them dependent on us,” said Cooper.

Future Plans

As for future plans, Cooper said, “When our projects are complete, I have a number of other areas of interest I wish to pursue that are not presently possible given the firm’s current structure and its demands upon my time.”

For additional information, you can contact Jennifer Cooper at 510.549.3334 ext. 202, or via the firm’s web site,