Consulting Firm Helps Workers Communicate – en Espanol

September 6, 2006 ( - KAMMS Consulting LLC, a national language training and consulting service, has announced the release of a series of educational language CDs to help English-speaking and Spanish-speaking workers communicate.

According to the announcement, the “Spanish on the Job” and “English on the Job” educational series are produced in industry-specific versions, providing training in specialized phrasing relative to each specific profession.

The educational packages includes two one-hour CDs and a listening/quick reference booklet. One CD focuses on job-specific phrases, the other on general conversation, the announcement said.

The “Spanish on the Job” series is available in editions for: Educators, Landscaping, Real Estate, Medical Receptionists, Restaurants, Human Resources, Housekeeping, Retail Business, Law Enforcement, Banking, Construction, and Health Care. The “English on the Job” series is produced in editions tailored to: Landscaping, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Restaurants, and Construction.

The CDs retail for $15.95 plus S&H, and can be purchased directly from KAMMS through the company’s website . Additionally, the CDs are available at