Corporate Governance Mutual Fund Launched

November 17, 2003 ( - A new mutual fund has hit the streets, seeking to proactively effect change in corporate boardrooms by actively exercising its shareholder rights.

The Watchdog Fund is an open-end mutual fund that will pursue capital appreciation though its investments in US-based companies with market capitalizations ranging from $75 million to $5 billion, in addition to positions the fund will take in the largest US companies.    Corporate governance objectives will be pursued though either working with shareholders, legal actions or through selling short the shares of companies it believes are poorly governed, according to a news release.

The investment strategy and process of the fund will be managed by its creator, portfolio manager Howard Horowitz, Chairman and CEO of H Team Capital, LLC, an investment management firm headquartered in New York City.   “The fund will serve as a watchdog for its shareholders, guarding their interests, defending their rights, and fighting for corporate democracy,” said Horowitz.   “It’s an opportunity for concerned citizens to advocate for corporate accountability in a way that matters — with their dollars — while simultaneously seeking to profit from improvements in the stocks.”

The fund will treat all shareholders equally and enforce prohibitions on market timing and after-hours trading, according to the news release.   The minimum investment in the fund is $2,500.

More information about the fund is available by calling (866) 892-8243 or visiting .