Court Lifts, Modifies RogersCasey Injunction

April 16, 2002 ( - A federal judge lifted an order preventing former employees of RogersCasey Inc. from soliciting business from RogersCasey clients, but added several new prohibitions.

US District Judge Jed Rakoff of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York barred the former RogersCasey employees from:

  • disparaging their former employer,
  • misappropriating any confidential or proprietary information of their former employer, and
  • soliciting any RogersCasey employee to leave the company

The former employees left RogersCasey to set up their own consultancy after RogersCasey was taken over by Capital Resource Advisors (CRA). The ex RogersCasey workers formed Rocaton Investment Advisors.

In addition, the judge noted that the employees were not prohibited from responding to communications initiated by employees at RogersCasey, regarding the possibility of joining the new business venture.

The judge ordered that the case be ready for trial by October 15, 2002.