Coveting Thy Co-Worker’s Office Chair?

June 23, 2010 ( – While coveting thy neighbor’s wife may be a sin, 75% of office workers openly admit they have similar feelings about a co-worker’s office chair. 

Office supply retailer Staples Inc., said a survey it took on the social networking Web site Twitter also found that 65% of respondents were relatively dissatisfied with their current office chair. 

Why the attention to the lowly office chair? The Staples poll found that 45% said they spend six or more hours in it daily, rivaling the amount of time respondents said they spent sleeping.  “For nearly half of our respondents, the office chair reigns supreme in terms of where they most need support and comfort,” said Dave D’Angelo, senior vice president, Staples Brands.  

Additional survey results include:  

  • Nearly 57% have heard of their colleagues secretly switching to get a better office chair.  
  • Nearly 71% do not have chairs with adjustable lower back support.  
  • More than 65% did not choose their office chair, while more than 70% put in at least some effort in researching and testing their mattress.  
  • Nearly 86% say comfort is the most important feature of an office chair.  
  • More than 31% think a new office chair would be equivalent to a day off.  

Staples said it collected responses on Twitter from May 18 to June 15 and ended up with 573 survey participants.