CRA Releases Investment Evaluation Suite

June 4, 2003 ( - Asset managers interested in ways to benchmark their investing performance have a new product to consider from CRA Business Strategies Group (BSG).

According to a news release, BSG’s Product Competitiveness is a suite of products and services to help evaluate the competitive strengths of investment products.

Recommendations and analysis are built on an assessment of competitor offerings, market dynamics, past product performance, attribution analysis and a variety of qualitative measures. The suite also offers enhanced data analysis and presentation capabilities.

The announcement said the product’s three tiers of service include:

  • Tier 1:InvestWorks, BSG’s Web-based interactive tool that enables managers to analyze their own performance against various key benchmarks and custom peer groups.  
  • Tier 2: Upgradedperformance measurement and attribution services that provide insights into the inner workings of investment products and the evaluation process of institutional intermediaries and investors.   This includes the EQuest manager research database and InvestWorks Product Analysis.  
  • Tier 3: Involvesa hands-on review of a manager’s product portfolio, utilizing quantitative and qualitative measures that evaluate each product’s market opportunity and attractiveness.   This review, plus features from Tier 1 and 2, allows managers to prioritize their efforts by demonstrating which products can be sold most profitably, both now and in the future, and identifying which are unlikely to generate substantial growth.   Additionally, BSG helps managers in positioning their products for sale to the institutional market by establishing a clear value proposition and developing effective sales techniques.