CRA RogersCasey Ramps up "Non-Traditional" Focus

February 3, 2003 ( - CRA RogersCasey has expanded its focus on 'non-traditional" asset classes, including hedge funds and private equity investments.

The global consulting firm has established a fully staffed team devoted exclusively to researching and recommending a wide spectrum of non-traditional asset classes, including:

  • hedge funds
  • private equity
  • venture capital
  • mezzanine financing
  • LBOs
  • Currencies
  • “hard” assets, such as timber, real estate, and metals.  

A dedicated research team of six seasoned professionals, with experience in alternative investments, will serve the new unit.   

In addition, CRA RogersCasey has established a dedicated Non-Traditional Investment Committee comprised of five senior staff drawn from both consulting and research, and chaired by Tim Barron, CRA RogersCasey’s Director of Research.   The Committee is responsible for evaluating and screening all recommendations of the Non-Traditional Research Team and providing guidance to the firm’s research and consulting staff with respect to non-traditional investments, according to the firm.

“Backed by a high-powered research group under veteran Managing Directors Alan Dorsey and Bill Monagle, the new unit will offer clients an opportunity to diversify, reduce risk and enhance overall portfolio performance with a very broad menu of appropriate, customized, non-traditional vehicles, strategies and styles,” according to CRA RogersCasey Chief Executive Officer John Dickson.

The new non-traditional investments focus will also provide clients with analyses and ongoing monitoring of all investment recommendations in a manner that provides greater transparency than the alternative asset classes have historically provided to investors, according to the firm.