Data Impact Helps Fund Companies, Participants Communicate in Real-Time

February 9, 2007 ( - Data Impact has released a Web-based management and document delivery service powered by EDGAR Online, which will allow plan participants and fund companies to communicate in real time.

The Indiana-based electronic document processing company’s ConsentOne package includes all required consent, acquisition, management and tracking functions, according to a press release.
The product “allows pension plan participants to get more timely information when they need it; perform research on potential new investment vehicles; and arrange proactive notification of updated investment information, facilitating better risk management,” said Curtis Thompson, vice president for Financial Services Solutions at Data Impacts, in the press release. “On the fund side, ConsentOne enables fund companies to transform compliance expenditures into marketing and investor education benefits.”

According to the release, plan participants can access accounts online, review digital versions of financial prospectuses, and gather other financial information through a Web interface, and fund disclosures are immediately available upon submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission, using EDGAR Online’s proprietary technology.

Data Impact is providing the consent management portion of the ConsentOne partnership, while EDGAR Online will provide electronic versions of the financial documents.

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