Delta Data Unveils Revenue Sharing Management Tool

March 31, 2003 ( - Delta Data Software, Inc., has expanded its FUNDLinx suite of products with RevenueManager, a tool designed to calculate and help manage revenue sharing fees.

The Columbus, Georgia-based software development firm says RevenueManager can calculate the various gross revenue sharing fees due from the funds and also calculate any net commissions to be paid out to brokers, trust accounts, or other types of revenue sharing clients.

RevenueManager supports revenue and commission processing for accounts traded at an omnibus level, allowing omnibus account commissions to be calculated and paid out to multiple brokers or other types of revenue sharing clients.   The initial release is focused primarily on asset-based fee calculations and participant head counts for sub-T/A fees.   The next release of RevenueManager will also include trade-based fee calculations, according to the firm.  

Among the product features are:

  • Revenue Agreement Wizard
  • Automated Calculation of Average Daily Balances
  • Multiple Account Selections for Include/Exclude of Accounts
  • Payment of Commissions to Multiple Brokers on Omnibus Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable System
  • Accounts Payable Based on Accrual or Cash Basis
  • Monthly Income Accruals Regardless of Payment Cycle
  • User defined Tolerance levels
  • Aging of Trades When Calculating 12b-1 Fees
  • Date effective Calculations
  • Automatic Allocation of Payments at the Account Level
  • Automatic True Up Adjustments
  • Pro Forma Calculations
  • Fee and Payment Reversal Capability
  • Full History Inquiry Capability
  • System generated Invoices
  • Flexible reporting

RevenueManager is fully integrated with the other FUNDLinx suite of products.

You can find out more about RevenueManager at