Do Over: Salon Owner Gives New 'Do's' for Job Interviews

August 17, 2009 ( - A hair salon owner in Florida is offering free haircuts to unemployed women that have a job interview scheduled and want to look their best.

A story on a Tampa Bay Fox news station’s Web site says Monica Ponce, owner of The Muse Hair Group in Tampa, has come up with what she’s calling her own stimulus package. It is about building self-esteem.

Ponce says that if a woman can look in the mirror and feel confident, she can do the same when faced with a new potential employer. “When you are not sure about the way you look. Then it reflects in the way you behave,” Ponce added, according to the news report.

She said one of her clients has already been hired.

“I thought it was only fair for me to offer myself or my services, to be there for them when they needed it,” Ponce said.