Do You Tattoo?

February 7, 2007 ( - Employers with workplace restrictions on piercings and "body art" might find it interesting that twice as many Democrats get pierced as do Republicans, and about one out of three of those aged 21-32 currently sport tattoos.

Those were the results of a study by Northwestern University of Chicago professor Ann Laumann presented at the annual dermatology congress in Washington.

According to AFP, women favor the ankle (27%) for their tattoos, with the upper back a close second, at 25%. The small of the back was cited by 18%, while areas in between the knees and back were cited by 15%. Men, on the other hand, evidence a notable preference for the more traditional placement on their arm (75%).

Social “Standings”

A social breakdown of people who favor tattooing includes 58% who said they have been in prison, 37% who drank too much, and 38% that admitted to doing drugs.

Seventy-two percent of people who get pierced are women, 16% of whom are Democrat, eight percent Republican and 19% who profess to be Independent, according to the study of 500 people aged 18-50. Of course, besides the ear lobe, with women outnumbering men by 49% – 19%, piercing is also done on the nose, eyebrow, navel – and the tongue.