Dow Jones Launches Two Indexes

November 8, 2001 ( - Dow Jones Indexes has launched the Dow Jones Canada Growth and Value Indexes.

These are in addition to the U.S. Dow Jones Style Index and the Dow Jones STOXX Growth and Value indexes from Europe. Dow Jones plans to launch style indexes for each of the European countries it tracks, the company said.

Dow Jones Indexes expects to license the first exchange-traded funds based on the Dow Jones Canada Style Indexes within a few weeks.

Stocks in the Dow Jones Canada Growth and Value Indexes are categorized as either value or growth according to:

  • projected earnings growth
  • historical factors
  • book value
  • dividend yield.

Growth stocks tend to deliver steady and revenue and earnings growth. Value stocks are out of favor with the market, but appear capable of returning to a normal valuation.