Dow Jones to Prepare NYSE Indexes

January 28, 2002 ( - Dow Jones Indexes has agreed to develop a group of indexes for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Dow Jones announced. The first NYSE index should be ready to launch by the end of March.

According to the Dow Jones Indexes announcement, the new NYSE benchmarks will track the performance of NYSE companies in particular business sectors and geographic regions. They should also be the basis for products that can be traded – including Exchange Traded Funds.

Additionally, the NYSE will adopt the Dow Jones Global Industry Classification Standard to categorize its listed companies. As a result, company lists should be consistent with the NYSE Index sector categorization.

A Dow Jones spokesman said the new indexes will be solely based on NYSE-listed stocks and will thus offer a different viewpoint of the market compared to the benchmark Dow Jones indexes, which are largely based on NYSE-listed stocks.