Economic Indicator Heads Higher

February 21, 2003 ( - It's no Super Bowl Indicator, no January effect - but another economic "indicator" suggests that better times could be just ahead.

The indicator is none other than ladies’ hemlines – and according to a recent online survey by real estate investment trust (REIT) Taubman Centers, skirts – and by inference, the nation’s economy – could be heading up.

Taubman asked 1,000 shoppers nationwide during January and February where they think skirt lengths will be this spring, and nearly half (48%) said they would be above the knee at least, a portent of good economic times, according to tradition.

According to Taubman, respondent evaluations were as follows:

  • 18% – Cheesecake! (Good times ahead)
  • 30% – Above the knee (Light at the end of the tunnel)
  • 28% – Just below the knee (Cautious optimism)
  • 24% – Ankle duster (Uncertain times ahead)