Employees Lacking Resiliency in Workplace

June 22, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com)-Approximately half (54%) of employees are confident that they have the resilience needed to maintain their job performance during times of change, according to recent research by WFD Consulting, a management consulting firm, who offers "Resilience Services" to help organizations build more resilient workforces.

Fifty-two percent of those surveyed “strongly agreed” they can manage the pressures of their work. Less than half (42%) of employees consistently have enough energy to accomplish the tasks that are important to them.

Highly resilient employees experience fewer of the physical and mental side effects of stress, a news release said. The survey showed that only 18% of employees with high resilience reported feeling physically or mentally drained at the end of the workday “always or most of the time, ” compared to 41% of those with low resilience who regularly feel drained and depleted.

The research defines resilience as the ability to bounce back from difficulties, manage pressure, and adapt quickly to change while continuing to perform at a high level. WFD says that increasing resilience enables employees to remain productive and healthy during demanding situations, but also reduces employers cost of stress related illness, estimated at $300 billion annually. A lack of resilience increases employee-specific problems such as stress-related health issues, reduced productivity, high turnover and absenteeism and an overall inability to adapt to change, the release said.