Employers Move Toward Electronic Pay Stubs

April 29, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Six out of 10 employers think that the paper pay stub's days may be numbered.

In fact, the majority of employers (52%) expect their organization to offer electronic pay stub delivery rather than printed pay stubs by January 2004. This is in addition to nearly one-third of the employers surveyed already posting their employees’ pay data online. But, only about half of those who have created such Web sites have eliminated the paper pay stub, according to a survey of 176 HR or payroll department employees conducted by business process outsourcer TALX Corporation.

Overall, only 12% of respondents had no plans to implement an electronic pay stub. The chief two reasons for not eliminating paper pay stubs were the perception that much of their employee population still doesn’t have Web access (45%) and unspecified legal concerns (33%). With those that are moving toward electronic delivery, only 9% plan to build their own electronic pay stub solution with internal IT resources. Conversely, the most popular response was to implement electronic pay stub delivery through modifying existing software (30%) and 23% say they will utilize an existing outsourcing service relationship.

Complete survey results are available at www.talx.com/epayroll/getsurveyresults.asp .