Ergonomics Can Improve Worker Productivity

June 28, 2004 ( - Better office ergonomics can help improve worker productivity.

The need for office space that is designed and arranged so that staffers and their tools interact most efficiently becomes important as workers spend more time in front of a computer monitor. While one in three office computer users indicated they spend between four and six hours a day using the computer, nearly half said they were spending eight or more hours a day at the computer, according to a poll of 200 workers that use computers frequently conducted by Microsoft Hardware.

Under current office setups, nearly two-thirds of office computer users tie the fatigue they experience during the week to working at the computer for long periods. In addition, nine out of 10 said the design setup of their workstation directly affects their ability to be most productive at work.

Microsoft Hardware, which is in the business of selling ergonomic devices, found individual performance increases by 25% when employees use an ergonomically designed workstation. Employees welcome the improvements in their office environment as well. More than half of those surveyed said one of the best ways employers can show their commitment to employees’ success is to provide them with the latest technologies so they can do their jobs more efficiently. This compares with 23% who said they would prefer motivational tools such as morale-building and social outings, and 16% who would opt for perks such as free soda and parking.